Saturday, July 18, 2009


pictures of weightloss

so, a little update... i have desided not to join right now. francis is going to be home in august and i would like to see him when he gets back. everything is good with me. been doing around 80%most days. lost some more weight after the cleanse. i was also in the paper :) (my blog was) it was an artical about raw food. just got done reading 12 steps to raw food. by victoria Boutenko. verrrrry good book. if anyone has not read it go out and get it!!!! i am waiting on the next book am going to read. i ordered Sunfood book by David Wolfe i hear that is a good book too. hope everyone has a good day. ~God Bless

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* said...

aww honey i was proud of you for wanting to join the army, but i'm glad you're not joining right now! (especially since we still have to figure more ways to do raw while in basic training ;] )
Our house cleaning is slow-going~ your party may end up being before ours~ we'll see :) Let me know if you'd like any help with the homecoming party preparations!
a wonderful evening to ya~