Friday, May 22, 2009

feasting day #2

yesterday i started a juice and smoothie feast!! :) i was planning on starting just a juice feast started that on Monday but was very hungry and shaking. so yesterday i started it over again. one juice a day and 2 smoothies a day. yesterday was incredible. my energy was thought the roof. except in the afternoon. felt like a truck hit me... so i drank some water and i felt better. i guess it was just a little detox. which it is not surprising. i am planning to do this until the end of the month. but probably more. i can honestly see myself feasting until the middle of next month for some reason. well i need to get cleaning. and drink my carrot, apple, beet and rhubarb juice :D ~God Bless~

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bill said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm an editor at the Independent and am writing a story on raw food. Would you be interested in sharing your story? If you could let me know either way by emailing me at or calling me at the office Monday (719-577-4545), I'd very much appreciate it.
Bill Forman