Friday, March 11, 2011

i am back

it's has been a couple of years since i wrote on here. my husband came back from Iraq. and then i gained some of the weight back. we now live in Tacoma, WA i am in school, i am going to school for massage therapy. i only have 6 more months to go. i am also doing a juice fast since the 1st of March. hope everyone has a nice day!! ~God Bless

Saturday, July 18, 2009


pictures of weightloss

so, a little update... i have desided not to join right now. francis is going to be home in august and i would like to see him when he gets back. everything is good with me. been doing around 80%most days. lost some more weight after the cleanse. i was also in the paper :) (my blog was) it was an artical about raw food. just got done reading 12 steps to raw food. by victoria Boutenko. verrrrry good book. if anyone has not read it go out and get it!!!! i am waiting on the next book am going to read. i ordered Sunfood book by David Wolfe i hear that is a good book too. hope everyone has a good day. ~God Bless

Friday, May 22, 2009

feasting day #2

yesterday i started a juice and smoothie feast!! :) i was planning on starting just a juice feast started that on Monday but was very hungry and shaking. so yesterday i started it over again. one juice a day and 2 smoothies a day. yesterday was incredible. my energy was thought the roof. except in the afternoon. felt like a truck hit me... so i drank some water and i felt better. i guess it was just a little detox. which it is not surprising. i am planning to do this until the end of the month. but probably more. i can honestly see myself feasting until the middle of next month for some reason. well i need to get cleaning. and drink my carrot, apple, beet and rhubarb juice :D ~God Bless~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hayyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone

no i didn't not fall of the face of the earth..LOL today i am going to see the recruiter. only need to loose about 5 more pounds. I've been good about eating raw. only eat 1 meal cooked a day if that. so i hope to loose the rest of the weight by the middle of may or sooner. other than that i have been good. been studying, running, doing sit ups and push ups. before i join i need to be able to do 50 Sit ups, and 17 push ups and run a mile :) well, i need to get going. ~God Bless~

Friday, March 13, 2009

An Update On My Life

hello everyone,
sorry i haven't written anything here in a long time. i have been very, very busy!! been looking for work. and have decided to join the army. i know is is drastic step but i have been out of a job for about a year. i have talked to my husband about it and he thinks it is a good idea. i will almost be out of training by the time he gets back. :) so, i have been exercising and studying for the entrance test. i also found out that i am not up to the standards in my weight category. so, i need to loose some more weight. so, tomorrow i am going to be starting a green smoothie/juice fast. i am planning on keeping you all updated on my progress. hope you all have a good day.
~God Bless~

Friday, January 23, 2009

lonly, sad and misirable :(

had a good day today, cleaned my apartment, not much of anything today. tonight i am just feeling kinda sad and lonely. even though i talked to my mom and mother in-law on the phone. i guess i just miss Francis. only a couple more weeks until he comes home for R&R. i don't know if i can wait that long i feel like i am going crazy. i haven't heard his voice in over 2 weeks. i missed his last 3 phone calls. i don't want to spend my days waiting by the phone ether. well everyone... thanks for letting me vent... please keep our troops and their family's in your prayers. God Bless

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i am still here

i am still here. moving into my new apartment and unpacking, and finally got my Internet hooked up. and all that lovely stuff. i have been extremely busy. raw is going good about 90% raw right now. i went grocery store today and picked up some good stuff, i got a durain, mango's, avocado's, and stuff like that. i also signed up for a half marathon!!!!!!!!!!! it is in Seattle on June 27. i am getting exited about it. well, i need to get going God bless