Wednesday, December 10, 2008

been a long time

been a long time since i posted anything. so i thought i might keep you all posted on my progress.

i weighed myself at the gym the other day and have lost 10 pounds :) my life has been extremely hectic and stressful the past couple of days. been cleaning and packing and am all done with the packing but have quite a bit of cleaning to do. today i was so busy that i didn't drink enough lemonade so right now i think my blood sugar is kinda low. i am getting exited about going back to MD and PA for Christmas. i need to have some work done on my car though because it is acting weird and over heating. but i hope everything works out. my husband reenlisted for 5 more years in the Army. and he is getting a pretty good bonus. :) and we got our choice of duty station. next January we will be moving to ft Lewis, WA. in between Olimpia and Tacoma. we both are pretty exited about that. well i need to get going and do some more work.
God Bless,

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