Monday, December 29, 2008

ahhhhhhhhhh christmas

well, i am at my parents house for Christmas. and not doing so good. but i do have a smoothie for breakfast every morning. right now i feel like crap. always tired, and my throat is sore. been kinda stressed out for some reason. but i know that eating cooked food is not helping. i have done nothing but run around doing stuff sence i got here. i did have a good Christmas though. my mom forgot to stick the meat in the oven so they all ate my food. i had a nut loaf, mashed parsnips, salad, and raw chocolate pie. ever sense Christmas seems like i am going down hill. anyway, i need to get going . God Bless and Happy New Year!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's very hard to remain raw around the holidays! I get too lazy to prepare my own raw meals and simply don't have the money to go out and buy fresh produce, lol. Keep on keepin' on though, sounds like you are doing great!